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Secureops, founded in 1999, is a boutique niche provider of information security services targeted to medium size and large enterprises. We have offices in Luxembourg, Prague, and Montreal, with more than 50 people worldwide. Our mission has always been to achieve a center of excellence in information security, employing best of breed technologies coupled with our full complement of services on a 24/7 global basis.

Secureops is the trusted party that embeds itself within the client’s information security organization and enables the client’s staff to move to high visibility and critical requirements by assuming the running and operations of the day to day security infrastructure. By managing and maintaining the deployed technologies and supporting everything on a post deployment basis, Secureops ensures the appropriate compliance and data protection strategies are at work.

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Your Data Has Never Been Safer

We take a multi-pronged approach to your businesses’ security needs, focusing end-to-end on every aspect of your infrastructure, from servers to individual end users. Our methodology allows for a turnkey system, making sure that your protected information is always directly in your control.

We take every precaution to verify and protect the information that matters most to your business. We seamlessly integrate with your company’s staff and practices, allowing for a simple and elegant solution without the potentially costly and time-consuming overhead from an in-house alternative. We are SecureOps, and your data has never been safer.

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About Us