Headquartered in downtown Montreal, Canada, SecureOps was founded in 1999 to specifically protect organizations and their critical assets from Cyber Threats.

Our certified experts build and deliver tailored security services to monitor and protect our client’s most critical IT assets 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. Our exclusive focus on information security and IT risk management, has enabled SecureOps to become a global IT Security Support Provider with clients in over 50 countries, protecting over 100,000 endpoints with 140,000 hours of monitoring.

Our methodology allows for a turnkey system, making sure that your protected information is always directly in your control.

How We Serve Our Customers

The Information security market is valued at $122 Billion dollars and is expected to reach $202 Billion by 2021 according to Gartner. Organizations are investing in IT security for two primary reasons: (1) to protect sensitive data, and (2) achieve regulatory compliance.

While a portion of the spending includes antivirus, firewall, DLP, and threat management technology, over half of the spend is being driven by organizations who are having difficulty implementing and managing their security technology and program. IT Security departments struggle managing complicated, layered technology solutions and staffing their organizations with skilled IT security specialists to progressively mature their security program

Organizations like ours who handle threat monitoring and log management on the managed services side and security design, control implementation, and risk assessment consulting on the professional services side are growing rapidly to implement the people, processes, and technology that are critical to protect critical data and meet complex compliance standards while reducing cost and improving data protection for our valued customers.


High-End Security for a High-Stakes World

To meet the market’s needs, we have identified two main areas of focus:

Managed Security Services

Our managed security solutions empower security teams with our world class technology, information security analysts, and proven security processes providing 24X7 protection and support capabilities. We focus in areas such as log monitoring and management, device management and incident response.

Professional Services

Our professional services team delivers targeted security services designed to augment in-house expertise and enhance an organization’s security posture. With decades of combined experience and a diversity of expertise our professional services team evolves our client’s security programs by implementing best in class processes that enable clients to progressively close potential security gaps, remediate risks, and protect mission critical data.