What is Endpoint Protection?

Endpoint Security is an integrated, centralized method to protecting a variety of endpoints including servers, desktops, laptops, smartphones and other IoT devices connected to the corporate IT network from malware and other cyber-attacks. Managing encryption, antivirus, intrusion prevention, DLP and other protection centrally improves overall security and reduces costs.

Many organizations tried to implement a best-of-breed technology approach to protect endpoints, however not only were the various technologies difficult to manage, they were also expensive and, in many cases, left gaps that advanced malware slipped through.

Third-party management of endpoints for security and cost efficiencies


Eliminate or reduce the upfront cost of endpoint security technologies


Find a proven, integrated endpoint protection solution to stop threats


Tailored solutions for diverse endpoint issues and needs

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Cost effective solutions based on various organizational risk management goals

The Benefits of SecureOps Endpoint Protection

Centralized endpoint protection or endpoint security solutions have emerged as network boundaries have eroded due to the digital transformation while perimeter security solutions have become less effective. Best-of-breed technology solutions have become unwieldy, expensive and largely ineffective as malware has evolved and signature-based tools cannot keep up with explosion of malicious code variants.

SecureOps partners with organizations to provide the expertise to deliver the benefits of endpoint protection technologies without the upfront cost, installation and management issues.

  • An instant cost savings with a rent versus own model that saves in upfront technology costs
  • Experts who work with industry-leading endpoint security technology to centralize the solution
  • Experienced professionals who are a phone call away when any intervention is necessary
  • Ongoing risk-based assessment of the solution in order to deliver a positive ROI

Learning More About Endpoint Protection

As companies are adopting new technology and implementing BYOD the network and consequently the attack surface has increased for attackers. Security defense technology has improved; however, organizations are struggling with the cost, integration, and management of the various technologies. Delivering our customers, a customized, proven endpoint protection solution has come through consistent real-world testing and expertise.

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For a more in-depth view of our services take a look at SecureOps Brochure on Endpoint Security