Why Consider Solutions other than MPLS?

MPLS was created years ago when complex networks were overwhelming the capacity of the processors for routers. Networking companies needed a switching protocol that could deliver security and speed across wide-area links with the ability to carry multiple protocols and quickly re-route traffic in the event of a failure.

Once MPLS gained the acceptance of enough vendors and telecom providers, it was broadly deployed, and was a good fit with the centralized data centers and hub-and-spoke network architectures of the time.

However, SD-WAN offers a solution that allows your company to utilize multiple, high-bandwidth, inexpensive Internet connections, simultaneously through business-class cable, fiber, and 4G. By combining multiple connections, companies benefit from far faster Internet speeds at a fraction of the cost. Further, with multiple ISP’s, SD-WAN will direct and prioritize traffic efficiently across the fastest route. Finally, SD-WAN works more effectively with connections to the cloud and with remote or international sites.

Cost efficient, flexible SD-WAN solutions are replacing MPLS

reduce time

Increased bandwidth and performance at a lower cost

eliminate manual computing

Increased uptime


More effective for cloud computing

manage access

Better security through end-to-end encryption

The Benefits of SD-WAN

SD-WAN or software-defined WAN fundamentally virtualizes and centralizes the manual process of adjusting and configuring hardware to adjust to traffic flows increasing speed and performance. In addition, SD-WAN allows organizations to centrally manage application prioritization and performance to eliminate the manual process of writing rules for each application deployed at each site.

SecureOps provides organizations the expertise to deliver the benefits of SD-WAN by replacing and configuring the solution to the needs of the organization – without sacrificing security or availability. MPLS replacement with SD-WAN provides agility, performance and cost improvement benefits including:

  • Simplifies policy configuration and management to improve agility
  • Intelligently routes traffic using multiple paths to improve performance
  • Reduce IT costs associated with manual configuration of hardware and application installations
  • Ongoing proactive support and maintenance of the solution to deliver predictable efficiency and costs

Learning More About MPLS replacement with SD-WAN

The comprehensive and often overwhelming task of replacing MPLS with SD-WAN is clearly a project most IT organizations feel are out of scope for a team that is often already overworked. Having experts that understand how to implement SD-WAN, how the solution will work in their organization, and how manage the new, virtual and centralized solution can effectively be handled by SecureOps on your timeline and within your budget.


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