What is SIEM-as-a-Service or Managed SIEM Solutions?

SIEM’s including Log Rhythm, Splunk, Alien Vault and many others provide the critical data and information that IT security teams require including security event data and network flow data. SIEM’s are the core of most IT security operations and solutions. Simply, they collect logs and data from disparate devices to provide a flow of correlated insights to threats from a single source in real time to gain visibility to vulnerabilities and threats in the environment.

They are clearly proven technology excellent at exposing threats early and thwarting breaches; however, the upfront cost, training, operating manpower and complexity are often overwhelming for security teams. SIEM-as-a-Service or Managed SIEM solutions allow organizations to leverage managed service providers to handle as much of the SIEM management as needed including eliminating the upfront cost and simply leasing the technology.

Third party management of SIEM technology operation for cost efficiencies

eliminate siem

Eliminate or reduce the upfront cost of SIEM technology


Leverage installation and implementation experts to generate the right data and insights


Deliver simplified analysis of the data and intelligence to detect
and eliminate

manage IT

Manage IT security change management effectively to maintain the SIEM operationally

SIEM Challenges

The challenge for most organizations however, is that the upfront cost of the technology is significant and implementing it to communicate to other technologies is a manual process and often too time-consuming when handled internally. Further, the noise or number of events and incidents is overwhelming and often confusing. Further, the implementation and integration with other security assets, and the ongoing correlation and analyzation of the vast amounts of disparate data that is generated by the SIEM often leaves analysts with little time for strategic analysis.

SIEM-as-a-Service has quickly emerged as a viable option evolving from on-prem solutions which had traditionally been the standard. Organizations have struggled with a skills shortage that has led to slow time to implementation and full operation. In addition, experienced service providers are able to tune the technology to provide more data which can lead to critical insights.

The Benefits of SecureOps SIEM-as-a-Service

SecureOps partners with organizations to provide the expertise to deliver the benefits of SIEM technology without upfront cost, installation and implementation headaches, and data normalization and analysis complications. SIEM-as-a-service has evolved as the preferred alternative to on-premise solutions and SecureOps can provide a single, seamless solution to our clients.

SIEM-as-a-Service includes:

  • An instant cost savings with a rent versus own model that saves up to millions in upfront technology costs
  • Experts who work with industry-leading SIEM technology to integrate and operationalize the solution
  • Analysts who collect, normalize and analyze SIEM data from disparate sources to provide actionable security insights
  • Ongoing proactive support and maintenance of the solution to deliver predictable efficiency and costs

Learning More About SIEM-as-a-Service

The comprehensive and often overwhelming task of purchasing, integrating, and managing a SIEM is often more complicated and time-consuming than can be handled in-house cost effectively. Having experts that understand the industry-leading technologies, how they work effectively with other security technologies, and how to reduce the noise and extract the most valuable data to protect the organization from threats is critical to those we serve.


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