Premium Cloud Migration Service

SecureOps Migrates Your Digital Assets, Resources and Services or Applications from On-Prem to the Cloud Effectively & Securely

Organizations are continuing to migrate to cloud solutions at an increasing pace and for countless good reasons. 

Cloud providers have the advantage of being able to deploy server bandwidth, storage capacity, and databases at a moment’s notice. In addition, as businesses add new services, product lines, and new locations, cloud providers can instantly turn on services.

However, one of the challenges these organizations face is creating a consistent security posture across their local and cloud-based resources. The reality is, not all security policies can be successfully and seamlessly implemented across a multi-cloud environment, especially when using the standard cloud vendor tools.

Understandably, many organizations don’t know what they don’t know. Cloud migration demands clear communication about business needs and objectives and a candid discussion of related threats to the business with experienced partners. Organizations often open themselves to a whole array of new risks, including denial-of-service attacks targeting cloud resources, cloud malware injection, web application exploitation, cloud-API attacks and account or service hijacking.

The Benefits of SecureOps Cloud Migration Services Includes: 

Cloud Migration Plan

Strategy with specific recommendations

Moving data

Secure and reliable cloud solutions

New Environment

Changing the people, processes, and technology

Risk Reduction

Planning to avoid over-committing IT resources or risking business disruption

Gap Issues

Addressing cloud provider capabilities and specific needs of the business

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The Right Cyber Security Solution, Your Way

SecureOps is a MSSP that differentiates itself by providing custom security solutions. Our clients tell us that our ability to be nimble, flexible, and work within their processes is why they chose us to be their cybersecurity solution provider.

Your Data Has Never Been Safer

SecureOps is an industry leading MSSP delivering a Vulnerability Management Program providing scanning, assessments, and patching across all systems. We leverage 15 years of proven practices to ensure appropriate network access, while preserving the availability, integrity, and privacy of your sensitive data. In addition, our experts can monitor events and traffic logs in real time; we identify and respond to threats before they impact your critical assets.