Premier Managed Firewall Solution

SecureOps Provides Industry Leading Firewall-as-a-Service to Ensure Optimal Configuration, Tuning, and Provides 24x7 Management and Monitoring Services

Firewalls of all types require a significant investment of time, resources, and expertise to maximize its value and keep an organization safe from cyber-attacks. 

Firewalls are a critical component of any organization’s security program; however, many organizations learn that the real work begins once a firewall is purchased. IT security teams are often flooded with over 100 of manual change requests per week, often removing focus from high value security processes and actually increasing organizational risk.

Further, a recent survey by Gartner estimates that through the year 2023, “99% of firewall breaches will be caused by misconfigurations, not flaws.” Gartner also states that “50% of enterprises will unknowingly and mistakenly have exposed some IaaS storage services, network segments, applications or APIs directly to the public internet.”

The Benefits of SecureOps Managed Firewall Solution Includes: 


Expert rule changes and configuration

Firewall Logs

Real-time assessment including filtering logs and generating reports

Manufacturers' Fixes

Handling of newly released vulnerabilities patches and fixes


Reconfiguring ports, disconnecting ports and change configurations


Cisco, Palo Alto, Fortinet, and other Leading Firewall Manufacturers

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The Right Cyber Security Solution, Your Way

SecureOps is a MSSP that differentiates itself by providing custom security solutions. Our clients tell us that our ability to be nimble, flexible, and work within their processes is why they chose us to be their cybersecurity solution provider.

Cybersecurity Expertise

Custom Solutions

Eliminate Threats

Reduce Costs

Your Data Has Never Been Safer

SecureOps is an industry leading MSSP delivering a Vulnerability Management Program providing scanning, assessments, and patching across all systems. We leverage 15 years of proven practices to ensure appropriate network access, while preserving the availability, integrity, and privacy of your sensitive data. In addition, our experts can monitor events and traffic logs in real time; we identify and respond to threats before they impact your critical assets.