World Class Managed SIEM Solution

SecureOps Provides Industry Leading SIEM-as-a-Service to Ensure Optimal Configuration, Tuning, and Provides 24x7 Management and Monitoring Services

SIEMs of all types require a significant investment of time, resources, and expertise to maximize value and keep an organization safe from cyber-attacks

SIEM’s are a critical component of any organization’s security program; however, many organizations learn that the real work begins once a SIEM is purchased. SIEM solutions typically rely on rules to analyze all of the recorded data. However, company networks often generate as many as 10,000 alerts per day, most of which are insignificant from security defense standpoint. Thus, IT security staff is overwhelmed, and the identification of potential attacks is complicated by the volume of irrelevant logs.

The solution is to create and prioritize the precise rules that monitor the perimeter, networks, systems, and applications.

The Benefits of a SecureOps Managed SIEM Solution Includes:

SIEM Solution

Expert integration and operationalization

Correlation Rules

Uncover malicious activity but reduce immaterial “noise”

Analysis of SIEM Data

Provides actionable security insights

Support and Maintenance

Solutions to deliver predictable efficiency and costs


Log Rhythm, Splunk and Alien Vault other leading SIEM solutions

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The Right Cyber Security Solution, Your Way

SecureOps is a MSSP that differentiates itself by providing custom security solutions. Our clients tell us that our ability to be nimble, flexible, and work within their processes is why they chose us to be their cybersecurity solution provider.

Cybersecurity Expertise

Custom Solutions

Eliminate Threats

Reduce Costs

Your Data Has Never Been Safer

SecureOps is an industry-leading MSSP delivering custom, cost-effective security services that eliminate weaknesses and improve your overall security posture. We leverage 20 years of proven best practices to ensure seamless network access while preserving the availability, integrity, and privacy of you and your customer’s sensitive data. Our expert staff is available 24x7x365 to monitor traffic, respond to incidents, eliminate risks, and protect your IT infrastructure in a manner that fits your needs perfectly.