Incident response and digital forensic expertise to define, minimize and eliminate threats

Immediate incident response assistance to supplement CSIRT teams in the event of a breach

SecureOps has the experts and proven processes to handle security events urgently and comprehensively. Our team is uniquely trained to define, minimize and eliminate threats to your systems and data.

Digital forensic investigation expert assistance to define and eliminate residual threats

SecureOps certified digital forensic experts are available on-demand to handle post-mortem incident investigations to scope, eliminate, and implement key knowledge from the examination.

Incident Response and Digital Forensic Expertise Designed to Stop and Investigate Threats

Experts to Augment CSIRT Teams in Response to a Security Incident or Imminent Threat

Service Geared to Define, Minimize and Eliminate Threats and Restore Systems

Forensic Experts to Provide Insight into the Source, Scope, and Damage from Incident


For a more in-depth view of our services take a look at SecureOps Brochure on Professional Services