What is Incident Response

Incident response is the approach an organization or more specifically an IT security team takes in handling an incident or breach of a system or multiple systems. In the wake of massive breaches including Target, Equifax, Yahoo and frankly nearly countless others, organizations are developing their own incident response capabilities to limit damage. However, in a recent SANS survey, the majority of IR teams said that they lacked the knowledge, tools, and time to implement a viable IR function in the short term.

Frankly, with constant new strains of malware, sophisticated social engineering, DDoS attacks, insider theft and so many other threats against organizations, it is difficult to cover the depth and breadth of attack scenarios that an IT security team may face.

Whether its detection, remediation or restoration security teams are looking for adequate support at a moment’s notice.

Effective Incident Response Assistance to Limit, Stop Cyberattack Damage

limit damage

Eliminate or limit the damage from a security incident or breach

instant support

Instant support and expertise concerning finding and eliminating the threat

limiting scope

Limiting the scope of the damage and identifying the cause to prevent subsequent attacks


Restoring systems to limit the financial and brand damage to organizations

The Benefits of SecureOps Incident Response Support

SecureOps partners with organizations to provide the urgent and immediate expertise and support needed to find and eliminate the threat while restoring systems as quickly as possible. Nearly 48% of the respondents to the SANS survey reported handling more that 25 incidents in a year and over 80% handled at least one.

Having an organization responding to you and supporting you with technology expertise, IR planning and response best practices, as well as sensitive data protection has been a lifeline for partners who must manage a cost-effective security operation.

  • Instant expertise and manpower to scale to the incident or event in order to protect your organization
  • Diverse expertise across technology, attack methods, and response planning and mitigation
  • Focused execution on threat elimination and system restoration
  • Ongoing support to provide incident response planning insight and best practices

Learning More About Incident Response

The arms race between attackers, IT security technology developers, and security teams will undoubtedly continue to escalate, however, it is clear that the number of breaches will as well. Managing a cost effective IT security operation depends on balancing the fine line between being well-prepared for a breach while not overpaying for the protection.

SecurOps is uniquely positioned to instantly and urgently respond to an incident or breach when and where diverse experts, proven response plans, and industry-leading time to restoration help is needed.


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