On-demand Remediation assistance to eliminate vulnerabilities and fortify security posture

One of the most time-consuming aspects of Threat and Vulnerability management is fixing, mitigating, or the remediation of software flaws, system vulnerabilities, or gaps in compliance. Identifying, prioritizing, and ultimately addressing the issues that are uncovered in the vulnerability or source code scanning process is often too arduous for IT security teams focused on more strategic problems. Remediation assistance is often required to systematically handle the often overwhelming number of issues found while conducting fundamental assessments.


Evaluate current state of IT security processes and resilience

time-sensitive fixes

Leverage diverse experts to handle time-sensitive fixes

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Supplement in-house IT security team with consistent and continuous remediation assistance

Benefits of SecureOps Remediation Assistance Service

Remediation is the final step after identifying and prioritizing vulnerabilities in your environment, however, for many organizations it is the most time-consuming. While much of today’s scanning can take advantage of automated tools, the remediation process can still be a manual process in many organizations.

SecureOps provides experts that not only remediate vulnerabilities and fix software flaws, but also help develop remediation policies and work within your organization’s own policies to address the most critical vulnerabilities and compliance issues.

The consistent and periodic service delivers:

  •  Experts available to prioritize and fix vulnerabilities
  • Remediation assistance on-demand to support time-constrained IT security resources
  • Data and security policy compliance expertise
  • Comprehensive reporting designed to provide real-time visibility into eliminating compliance and vulnerability gaps

Learning More About Remediation Assistance

The critical yet arduous task of remediating vulnerabilities and software flaws often leaves IT security teams without time to focus on more strategic needs. In addition, experts seasoned in remediating or mitigating diverse types of vulnerabilities are not always available or are not able to keep up with demand.

SecureOps partners with organizations to provide the experts and expertise to prioritize and fix issues uncovered during scanning. In addition, the team works within your organization’s policy to meet your data and security policy requirements.


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