Source code scans and analysis delivered on-demand to eliminate software vulnerabilities

Source code review and analysis just like vulnerability scanning and penetration testing is a part of an overall threat and vulnerability management process. Organizations often do not have the diverse array of code review tools or specialists to comprehensively review the vast amount of software being utilized by the organization.

The core of many security issues stem from the fact that software developers want to make a great software product and have not traditionally taken security into account in the design process. Thus, the software that is produced often has bugs that allow attackers to target design flaws and compromise vulnerable systems. Source code must be reviewed to make certain flaws are eliminated before attackers find them.

uncover flaws

Uncover source code flaws and thus potential security issues
in software

diverse automated

Leverage diverse automated code review tools as well as manual review to find all errors

security posture

Compare results to compliance standards to ensure conformity

Benefits of SecureOps Source Code Scan & Analysis Service

SecureOps delivers proven code review scans and analysis that uncover flaws in software that may leave systems vulnerable. Further, the flaws are prioritized and managed within the overall security strategy of the organization.

The consistent and periodic service delivers:

  •  Identification of source code flaws that could leave systems vulnerable
  • Assessment of software; vulnerabilities identified on-demand by experts using leading edge review tools
  • Repeatable and continuous processes to provide visibility as applications and systems change
  • Reduced cost of purchasing multiple tools as well as personnel to execute the code review and analysis

Learning More About Source Code Review and Analysis

One of the more tedious and expensive tasks for IT security teams is code review. While tools have become automated and more effective at identifying flaws many teams are not able to perform comprehensive code review in-house. Thus, inevitably systems may be vulnerable to attacks until teams are able to catch up on this typically lower priority activity.

SecureOps has proven technology and processes to handle source code flaws so that IT security teams can focus on more strategic issues and leave the scanning and remediation to a trusted partner.


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