Vulnerability Management solutions geared to stop threats and improve security

Vulnerability management is the process of identifying, evaluating, managing, reporting, and strategically integrating the findings and learnings into the overall Threat Management program.

Simply scanning and patching is a whack a mole proposition while a quality vulnerability management maps the organization’s assets, their importance, the vulnerabilities of the assets, the criticality of the threat or vulnerability to the system, and strategically remediates or mitigates the threat based on its overall risk to the organization.


vulnerability scans

Configure and run
vulnerability scans

scan results

Interpret and act upon
scan results

track status

Measure and track the status of security controls

Benefits of SecureOps Vulnerability Management Solution

The Vulnerability scanning, assessments  and management that are delivered by SecureOps experts provide clear insight not only into immediate risks to systems and sensitive data but also serve as the foundation for overall security programs.

The consistent and ongoing services delivers:

  • Network and Application Scanning immediately uncovering known vulnerabilities
  • Risk scores to each vulnerability and its overall threat risk
  • Asset criticality scores and their exposure to potential threats
  • Assessment reporting that provides strategic steps to eliminate threats by severity and risk
  • Management that provides insight into how our vulnerability assessments will lead to improved overall security posture

Vulnerability Scanning vs Vulnerability Management

There is likely more confusion around Vulnerability Scanning, Vulnerability Management, Application Scanning and even Penetration Testing concerning what to expect in terms of service, reporting, and how the service can help reduce risk and eliminate the thousands of software vulnerabilities that are discovered annually.

Vulnerability scanning is part of an overall vulnerability management program but certainly isn’t the program in and of itself. Network scanners or application scanners are used to find known vulnerabilities so that those vulnerabilities can be eliminated typically through patching the code. The issues that organizations like Equifax and so many others have experienced is that vulnerabilities are constantly discovered, and they find themselves patching haphazardly without consideration to the system or assets value that needs to be patched. Thus, for many organizations, eliminating vulnerabilities in a timely manner is not managed strategically and certainly not efficiently, ultimately leaving organizations open to threats.

What Vulnerability Management Includes


    •    On-demand Vulnerability scans
    •    Scan configuration
    •    On-demand reporting
    •    Threat intelligence updates
    •    Vulnerability assessment
    •    Context for incident response

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