Web application scans delivered on-demand to eliminate vulnerabilities and satisfy compliance requirements

Web application scans are critical to an organization’s overall security posture because attackers are increasingly targeting digital assets including websites and other public facing portals that often direct to sensitive information. SQL injections, cross scripting and other types of attacks are used consistently and successfully because organizations have empowered marketing to grow the number of web applications to serve their customers more effectively through additional touchpoints.

uncover vulnerabilities

Uncover web application vulnerabilities and potential security gaps in your digital assets

time-sensitive fixes

Automate and continuously scan web applications to eliminate new and emerging threats

compliance standards

Compare results to compliance standards to ensure conformity

Benefits of SecureOps Web App Scanning Service

Web application scanning is a part of an overall threat and vulnerability management process and has become a critical but complex task for IT security teams because of the growth of websites, cloud applications and other digital assets. SecureOps delivers proven, automated web application scans that close the door on attacks by instantly uncovering and remediating vulnerabilities in web applications.

The consistent and periodic service delivers:

  • Identification and inventory of web applications, websites, and other digital assets
  • Assessment of web applications with vulnerabilities identified on-demand
  • Repeatable and continuous process to provide actionable insights
  • Reduces the cost of purchasing and maintaining scanners as well as personnel to manage the web application scanning process

Learning More About Web App Assessments

The number of web applications has exploded as organizations evolve through this digital transformation to create more touchpoints for their customers. Consequently, these additional portals create more risk for organizations and an increased number of issues for the IT security teams.

SecureOps has proven technology and processes to eliminate web application vulnerabilities so that IT security teams can focus on more strategic issues and leave the scanning and remediation to a trusted partner.


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