Today’s defenses are so developed that standard malware is no longer a reliable vector of attack against properly hardened infrastructure. The most savvy attackers have shifted their focus to a much more productive means of infiltration: targeting your end users and their devices directly–after all, your users already have internal access to the system. The number and variety of methods are staggering and they only need to compromise one employee’s device to get inside to your protected data. Educating every last employee adequately against all these threats is impossible, and there is no software sophisticated enough on its own to separate the safe employees from those compromised.

Fortunately, SecureOps has comprehensive solutions to shield your organization from the new reality of ubiquitous attack. Our professionals personally manage the security of every end-point device with intelligent defense well beyond the capacities of software alone. No file that hasn’t been specifically approved can run on any device without the explicit permission of our experts. Selective lockdown of USB ports, network shares, email, other data loss prevention measures and full disk encryption are some of the many other protections we offer. This is all overseen by experienced professionals who are a phone call away when any intervention is necessary, even during off hours.

Endpoint Security

Our team specializes in the following

  • Full Disk Encryption
  • Anti-Virus, Anti-Malware
  • Intrusion Prevention
  • Digital Loss Prevention
  • Policy Enforcement
  • Port Protection and Integrity Protection
Endpoint Security
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