At a time when more intelligent firewalls and routers are able to stop all but the most sophisticated malware, there is a concerted move by attackers to go after your employees directly. The number and variety of social engineering attacks have exploded, and it is simply not realistic to educate your employees against all of them. For many modern organizations, this means that your employees themselves are a huge and persistent security risk and the most likely point of failure in your defenses.

SecureOps has a long history of protecting organizations against such threats. The User Support service is the perfect companion to our Endpoint Protection and Device Management Services.The service provides direct professional support that’s just a phone call away, 7 days a week and 24 hours a day if necessary. Our experts will integrate directly with your organization, assisting or directly creating security policy appropriate to your needs, with rapid and agile modification capabilities. We will oversee applying policy, changing configurations, assisting your users with installation of new software, providing personal oversight of every file executed on an end-user device. Most importantly, we are constantly available when any need arises.

Security Helpdesk

Our team specializes in the following

  • Password reset
  • Access management
  • Encryption support
  • Key management
  • Temporary system access
  • Application whitelisting support
  • Exception management
  • Installation support
Security Helpdesk

Our certifications

ArcSight CEF
Check Point