When faced with  the entire landscape of malware and other threats, maintaining an organization’s infrastructure is a sizable job requiring its own dedicated team, if not a dedicated department. Even finding appropriately experienced and qualified staff for this purpose is a significant challenge that represents a significant expense once they have been found. For these reasons, outsourcing to the right partner can represent a very large reduction in both hassle and expense.

SecureOPS offers a comprehensive suite of vulnerability and threat assessment and monitoring services. The foundation is aggressive and sustained scanning campaigns cover all your assets–ongoing web app and host vulnerability scans, both automated and ad hoc. We develop and implement baseline server hardening standards so that newly-deployed servers are already impervious to most well-known attacks. We perform compliance audit scans against those baseline standards, as well as against PCI and other industry standards. We lead ongoing efforts for maintaining industry attestations of compliance across the entire year.

Threat & Vulnerability Management

Our team specializes in the following

  • Vulnerability Detection
  • Validation and proof of concept
  • Threat & Vulnerability Remediation
  • Quick Response To Security Incidents
  • Application Scanning
  • Compliance Scanning
  • Advisory for threat controls and risk management
Threat & Vulnerability Management
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