What is Architecture Review and Planning?

A viable information security program depends on the architecture design, implementation, and ongoing policy development created to minimize the attack surface and limit damage in case of a threat. The design of the architecture is critical; poor design leads to unauthorized access of systems and applications and poor service quality. In addition, poor strategy and planning may lead to susceptibility to attacks like distributed denial of services (DDoS) attacks and inadequate assessment of confidentiality, integrity, and privacy ratings across systems.

While most organizations have security architecture plans in place, technology change and subsequently change management policy often introduces risk to the organization whether the company is adding systems or applications or simply upgrading infrastructure.

Architecture Review and Planning provides the design and policies that support the overall IT security program


Adding or changing IT assets or infrastructure while eliminating the negative impact on security posture


Optimize IT assets to identify and eliminate security risks


Provide change management best practice consultation

The Benefits of SecureOps Architecture Review and Planning

A security architecture review provides a strategic view of how IT assets are being used, whether they are operating optimally and how they are impacting the security posture of the organization. System configuration and management are critical to limiting exposure to security threats. As organizations grow, merge with other organizations, and provide IoT touchpoints to customers and employees the architecture changes and often introduces risk.

  • Architecture is strategically reviewed to optimize and secure systems or tactically assessed to handle incremental changes
  • Security posture is assessed, and risks mitigated
  • Ongoing change management assistance available on-demand

Learning More About Architecture Review and Planning

Security architecture review and change management assistance is often required as organizations consistently add, change or otherwise alter systems in the environment. Having seasoned experts that have had the experience of understanding change management principles, security architecture principles, and the goals and policies of various types of organizations allows SecureOps to help with changes to your environment that minimizes security risks while maximizing system productivity.


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