What is Cloud Migration?

Cloud migration is the process of moving on-premise IT assets to a provider who can host and manage those assets while providing additional resources and resilience at a reduced cost. In addition, businesses are realizing additional benefits as they eliminate the expensive hardware and cumbersome software and rely on equipment and resources from a third-party provider like Amazon’s AWS and Microsoft’s Azure.

Cloud providers have the advantage of being able to deploy server bandwidth, storage capacity, and databases at a moment’s notice. In addition, as businesses add new services, product lines, and new locations, cloud providers can instantly turn on services.

The benefits to having an organization with unlimited IT resources handle the upfront costs, operational costs, and management of IT systems are countless, however the process of migrating to the cloud can be complicated, time-consuming, and often adds security risk

Migrating businesses to the cloud seamlessly and securely

private cloud

Choosing public, private or hybrid clouds based on legacy systems and business strategy

move cloud

Moving data to a cloud solution reliably and securely


Changing the people, processes and technology to manage a new environment


Planning what to move to the cloud and when to avoid overcommitting IT resources and risk business disruption

The Benefits of SecureOps Cloud Migration Services

A cloud provider supplies the hardware, software, and services on-demand so that organizations can avoid the upfront costs of purchasing IT infrastructure, applications, and staff to provide services and support. In addition, as organizations grow and transform their businesses digitally, the IT assets that they require are available on-demand at any time, in any location, at a fraction of the cost of adding local capacity.

In addition, cloud providers handle hardware set-up, patching and other resource-intensive IT chores cost effectively while providing leading edge technology to deliver improved performance. Obviously, the trend toward cloud computing is driven by the numerous benefits, however getting to the promised land may require a partner who has seasoned experts that can:

  • Provide a strategic cloud migration plan with specific recommendations
  • Address gap issues with cloud provider capabilities and specific needs of the business including security, availability, and cost expectations
  • IT security team support to handle the wide variety of time-sensitive migration tasks
  • Implementation and integration of people, processes and technology to manage the new environment.

Learning More About Cloud Migration

Cloud solutions are fundamentally changing IT organizations and how they operate. Creating the strategy, milestones, and implementing the testing necessary to migrate your business is critical to overall transformation. Having experts that understand cloud services, how they can be integrated, and how to tailor that integration to the processes of your organization is one of our core competencies.


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