What is Network Security Design?

Network security design is typically the first step in blueprinting a comprehensive information technology security defense program. Based on the goals and policies of the organization, network security design will take a realistic assessment of the risks of the organization, the IT assets that will be used, and the security team that will support the defense of the organization.

The physical and logical typology of the network is also assessed to understand how to design the network to uncover and address any security gaps or weaknesses. In deciding the logical topology, layout security policy is considered as well as the portions of the network that are less trusted as compared to those which are more trusted. Further, assessments of groups of devices and users should be executed to understand which should be grouped together and which should be separated.

IT and IT security assets including servers, routers, firewalls should be mapped to understand the flow of traffic to optimize the configuration and simulate security threats to understand how those threats would be handled effectively in the design.

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Design a network architecture based on the goals, security policy, and assets of the organization


Optimize IT assets to identify and streamline traffic as well as to identify and eliminate security gaps


Configure a network design to minimize security risks, leverage defense-in-depth strategy, and minimize damage from attacks

The Benefits of SecureOps Secure Network Design

Network security design is analogous to architecting a home to serve the needs of the owner while not exposing them to weather, criminal or other risks. The balance that is created takes into consideration who is using the house, the threats to the house, and certainly how to build the house to specifications cost effectively.

They key to network security design is that if the blueprint and architecture is sound, creating a design that meets both the security needs as well as the purpose of the house or in our case, the network is far easier. Network typology, security defense policies, and organizational goals vary significantly from company to company and thus creating a practical and secure network design has the following benefits:

  • The blueprint or architecture of the network is developed with all of the critical elements of the organization assessed
  • IT assets, traffic, and security defense are inventoried, visible and optimized respectively
  • The network design is created by certified experts who have developed a set of best practices geared to handle the challenges of diverse organizations in a custom manner

Learning More About Secure Network Design

Secure network design is the first and foundational phase of developing a viable security defense program. Having seasoned experts that have had the experience of understanding complex networks, IT security defense principles, and the goals and policies of diverse organizations allows SecureOps to design a network that minimizes security risks while maximizing system productivity.


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