What is Security Log Monitoring and Management?

Security log monitoring or simply log monitoring is typically the process of correlating, examining, and analyzing the often millions of logs that are generated from security assets including SIEM’s. The process of collecting logs from various devices and correlating the data is in itself time-consuming and tedious. The process of analyzing what those logs mean from a security perspective is an organization’s more significant challenge from a resource and security perspective.

Log management is log monitoring plus the supporting activities associated with adding value to the logs or data collected. These activities can include analyzing logs to identify events, retaining logs for compliance reasons, however, most importantly, it is the aggregation and examination of these logs that provide security teams with insight into threats or incidents that could lead to a breach.

Further, organizations have cloud-based, on-prem and various variations of the two infrastructure types that a security team must manage along with the coordination of responsibilities between the in-house security team and the managed security service provider’s team.

Log Monitoring, Management and Retention of Security Data Continuously Analyzed to Prevent Threats


Integration of proven 3rd party log management teams and processes to augment in-house IT security resources


Log collection, aggregation, analysis and retention of logs to simplify compliance and regulatory requirements


24 x 7 x 365 log monitoring to identify events or incidents in real-time


Improvement in response time to events and incidents to stop or limit damage

The Benefits of SecureOps Log Management Services

Organizations deploy over 70 security products on average including firewalls, IDS/IPS, network devices like routers and switches as well as all the endpoints that all generate logs. The challenge for most organizations is handling so many disparate logs with so few IT security resources.

Security service providers are increasingly managing the time-consuming, arduous task of collecting, correlation, and analyzing the data to ultimately generate reports concerning what these logs mean from a security, regulatory and compliance perspective.

SecureOps has been managing logs and protecting our customers 24x7x365 for 20 years because of the evolved processes and expert personnel we leverage. Having delivered log monitoring services involving countless types and brands of diverse technology generating literally millions of logs, our log collection and aggregation process is streamlined and efficient. Further, our experts have worked across a variety of infrastructures and environments to deliver customized log management solutions to meet our customer’s needs.

Log monitoring and management is a critical component to responding to security events appropriately and effectively. Organizations want their IT security team focused on strategic activities and rely on managed security service providers to:

  • Customize log management solution to augment in-house resources
  • Monitor logs continuously to search for errors, anomalies, or suspicious activity
  • Set up and handle alerts efficiently and effectively across security devices
  • Retain and report on log analysis for regulatory and compliance requirements

Security Log Monitoring and Management

Log monitoring and management is a core element of protecting one’s organization from attacks as well as meeting compliance and regulatory requirements. Having seasoned experts that have had the experience of collecting, correlating, and analyzing logs from the countless technologies to provide tangible intelligence is the critical benefit of our service that our customers count on.


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